Pacific Crest Trail

As Teachers on Hiatus, we have chosen to take 3 years to explore the world in 5 phases! Phase Two is a Southbound Thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in our attempt to finish the Triple Crown, hiking all three national scenic trails.

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General Thru-hiking Resources:

Resupply and Care Package Calendar:

Interested in sending us goodies on our hike? Click the link above to find our resupply calendar and shipping information!

Our Gear:

Here is our gear list PRE-hike. In other words, we reserve the right to update this once we finish :). We would not call ourselves ultra-lighters (UL), but we are significantly lighter than we were when we hiked the Appalachian Trail due to both gear advancements and experience.

Below are our lists. Sharing weight as a couple definitely helps provide us with a few more luxury items than many hikers carry since we only have to carry one of most items.

We divide our gear into 60/40 split because that is our weight ratio. Reuben carries 60% of the weight, but he also eats 60% of the food! If we split the total weight down the middle, we are both carrying about a 14 pound base weight. Not UL but not heavy by any means!

Planning Documents:

Keep in mind that we developed these planning documents with ourselves in mind based on our prior experience hiking the Appalachian Trail and various research. They were developed PRE-hike. We will return to these documents upon completion of the trail to add commentary on changes we should have made. May contain errors!