CDT “Thru”hike: Section 2

In this section, we continue our northward southbound journey across the Wyoming CDT with our friends Helium and Agate. This section features long open exposed,  but beautiful roadwalk through the Great Divide Basin.

Our videos feature quick and dirty views of each trail section as well as A+ and F moments and conclude with Lessons Learned. We hope you enjoy!

Click here for Section 2 Photos!


Monday,  June 22nd

Day 5

CDT Miles Hiked Today: 23.5

CDT Miles Hiked Total: 77.5

He Said: Back on the “trail.” A lot of road walking today which makes for better time, but a little uninteresting. Cows, antelope, mule deer, and a variety of birds were spotted. We saw some cacti, even one flowering.

She Said: Today was basically a long hot exposed road walk, but the terrain was pretty and we overall enjoyed the change in scenery.  Unfortunately,  Agate injured both knees and I injured my foot.  There’s something about a mostly flat road that makes you walk faster than you should.  We did finally get to a good water source and campable spot for the night.  We plan to head out early tomorrow to beat the heat as it will also be a long road walk. 

Tuesday,  June 23rd

Day 6

CDT Miles Hiked Today: 22.8 (+3 bonus miles)

CDT Miles Hiked Total: 100.3

He Said: More road walking. The good thing is it is a bit faster walking, well until you follow your wife 1.5 miles down the wrong road. 😬 Helium and Agate have been talking about the lizards; I finally saw some of them today. Our campsite is the best one we’ve had so far. I should have had my Tenkara rod for this stream.

She Said: 100 miles! Only about 3000 to go :). Today was another long exposed RV road walk,  but we did get a little break in the middle with shade trees and a piped spring. The worst thing from today was that Reuben and I both did about 3 bonus miles when we neglected to realize the “trail” turned onto another road! Ugh. Tonight we’re camped at a little creek with a few tall shrubs for shade: a veritable oasis!

Wednesday,  June 24th

Day 7

CDT Miles Hiked Today: 14.3

CDT Miles Hiked Total: 114.6

He Said: Today had a lot less road walking, which was nice. It was a bit warm, but the clouds and trees shaded us pretty well. Of course, with the trees came more blow downs and that isn’t so much fun. Anyway, we got back to the 4runner and it started! Headed to an Airbnb for a zero day. Have I mentioned I think I am going to like this self-supporting thing?

She Said: We were excited about two things when we woke up: shade trees and a short day to our car to drive back to Rawlins for an Airbnb stay. The downside to trees is BLOWDOWNS. My legs look like they went through a shredder! However, we get another zero day tomorrow and I can rest/treat my wounds. I’m using our days off to complete remote contract work, which delights me. At the Airbnb, we made dinner and watched a movie together!

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