CDT “Thru”hike: Section 1

This season we’ll be hiking the northern half of the Continental Divide Trail.  We originally intended to Southbound Thruhike the entire trail this year to conclude our Triple Crown,  but Covid threw a wrench in our plans.  Instead,  we’re self supporting with vehicles to resupply and transport ourselves rather than risk exposing vulnerable trail towns to Covid.  We’ll be hiking from just south of the Colorado/Wyoming border to Canada! Our cars will move us northward,  but then we’ll hike southward…SOBO 4 LIFE.

In this section,  we hike the most southern part of the Wyoming Rockies into Colorado. This episode features a team up with a former trail family on the PCT: Teachers on the Trail (Helium and Agate).

Our videos feature quick and dirty views of each trail section as well as A+ and F moments and conclude with Lessons Learned. We hope you enjoy!

Click here for Section 1 Photos!


Thursday,  June 18th

Day 1

CDT Miles Hiked: 15.7

He Said: We started the day with a couple hour shuttle to our starting point at Deep Jack Trailhead. We saw a bunch of wildlife in our drive including a cow moose, several elk, marmot, prairie dogs, two foxes, and a bald eagle! The CDT’s reputation did not disappoint. It was a very difficult 16 miles, between the elevation, snow, snow melt, and difficulty navigating, we decided to stop a few miles early. After a beautiful sunset, it is time for some rest.

She Said: Well, they said the CDT was difficult…the PhD of the Triple Crown… and we were not disappointed by that expectation on our first day! 12 of the 16 miles today were just snow… difficult to tread on and difficult to navigate on without any trail markers! Also, we hiked up to 11,000 feet…lol… Day One! I definitely had a major headache by the end of the day. However,  it was BEAUTIFUL! The weather was perfect, the flowers springing up, and the wildlife on full display. We do need to temper our mileage expectations given the difficult terrain, but we’re still very glad to be out here!

Friday,  June 19th

Day 2

CDT Miles Hiked Today: 20

CDT Miles Hiked Total: 35.7

He Said: There are certainly plenty of things to slow us down out here. We managed to get a moving average of 2.2 mph today, which is pretty slow for us. The trail finding because of snow and wind fall trees both contributed to the pace. Anyway, lots of flowers and beautiful views.

She Said: Another challenging day… Today’s obstacle: major slowdowns! Like MAJOR! Agate and I think we may be ready for American Ninja Warrior now. There was also more snow, but that ended after about 6 miles or so. My headache went away but I’m definitely feeling the altitude. Hard to breathe…but we should lower to under 10000 feet tomorrow for a while at least.  Tonight we’re camped at 9500. 

Saturday,  June 20th

Day 3

CDT Miles Hiked Today: 18.3

CDT Miles Hiked Total: 54

He Said: The hiking was a bit easier today. We did about 18 mi and were able to make it to the car by 3:00 p.m. We saw a lot of flowers including Columbine. Then we had a three and a half hour ride to a campground in Rawlins where we spent the evening.

She Said: I awoke at 4am to the sounds of snorty growling just outside the tent,  convinced it was a bear…so I made Reuben wake up and stop snoring so it didn’t think he was being aggressive.  It was probably an elk or deer, lol, but I didn’t go back to sleep. The rest of the day was glorious with relatively easy dirt road walks amid the open scenery of mountains and fields with very few blow downs.  We hiked entirely in Colorado today just to get back to our car. This seemed to confuse some folks who are wondering why we’re heading south when we are trying to hike to Canada (MoneyMaker) :). Because we’re self shuttling,  we’re moving the cars northward but then hiking southward (SOBO 4 LIFE).

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