PCT Thruhike: Section 23

In this section,  we continue our hike of the “desert” section from Agua Dulce to Wrightwood. This episode features a reunion of our tramily and some spooky plants!

Our videos feature quick and dirty views of each trail section as well as A+ and F moments and conclude with Lessons Learned. We hope you enjoy!

Click here for Section 23 Photos!


Thursday, October 24:

  • Day: 129
  • Miles Hiked Today: 18.4
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 2217
  • Miles Remaining: 436.1
  • Update: We had a great morning chilling with a hiker trash crew at Hiker Heaven… drinking coffee while sharing treats, stories, and beard balm. What fun! Then, best of all, Snots and O Well rejoined us! They pulled big miles and caught up, so we ate breakfast with them before heading out on a day so windy they cut the power in Agua Dulce! Up to 70mph winds! The hike was a bit dull today (made worse by some indigestion on my part) but we arrived to camp just as the sun went down. In other news, we got to weigh ourselves at Hiker Heaven. I’ve lost 35 pounds and Reuben’s lost 23 pounds! Whoah!

Friday, October 25:

  • Day: 130
  • Miles Hiked Today: 25.8
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 2242.8
  • Miles Remaining: 410.3
  • Update: Our crew awoke early our campsite at a ranger station to howling winds.  Fortunately we had cell service and could check the status on the growing Tick Fire, which luckily we just missed! We’re now heading east and the winds were pushing that unfortunate fire west.  Phew! The terrain is a lot of the same right now but we have been entertaining ourselves a plenty during breaks. This has also been an awful section for scrub oak scratches and poodle dog bush dodging! 

Saturday, October 26:

  • Day: 131
  • Miles Hiked Today: 20.1
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 2262.9
  • Miles Remaining: 390.2
  • Update: We intended to hike 27 today and 14 into town tomorrow,  but by our second break at an ACTUAL creek…we decided to do two 20s and chill by the creek for a couple of hours instead! 🙂 Good choice! Snots and Owell have been going pretty hard without a break and we all wanted to get into camp before dark. The last few miles were easier because we felt no pressure for speed but were actually some of the worst maintained miles we’ve seen in a while! I should also mention that we passed like 4 pit toilets and trash cans just today.  We’re getting spoiled!

Sunday, October 27:

  • Day: 132
  • Miles Hiked Today: 20.4
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 2283.8
  • Miles Remaining: 369.3
  • Update: After a restful day,  we had a day of mostly climbing up and over Mt. Baden-Powell. It was actually a lot easier because it was about chilly today so we weren’t sweating the whole day in the exposed sun.  Lots of day hikers today! Most exciting, we’re in town again: Wrightwood! Here, we’re being met by Snots’ dad who will join us for the next section to Big Bear. Now I think I’ll lay day on our comfy motel bed!

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