PCT Thruhike: Section 12

In this section,  we hike from Etna, CA to Dunsmuir, CA. The stretch features rocky,  dry terrain, new friends,  and more sweeping views!

Our videos feature quick and dirty views of each trail section as well as A+ and F moments and conclude with Lessons Learned. We hope you enjoy!

Click here for Section 12 Photos!


Friday, August 23:

  • Day: 66
  • Miles Hiked Today: 5.7
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1059.1
  • Update: Today we slept in and ate a delicious breakfast at our B&B before picking up our packages (thanks mom!) and packing up for a very short,  but beautiful hike up to the next lake. My leg injury hurt really badly today, but I also tripped a couple of times tweaking it… so I’m just trying to keto an eye on it.  Adductor pulls can take a while to heal. In the meantime, it’s just four days to our next stop and we’re camped with our friend Shogun!

Saturday, August 24:

  • Day: 67
  • Miles Hiked Today: 25.3
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1084.3
  • Update: We keep trying to imagine we’ll break camp earlier because the terrain is harder and the days shorter…but we’ve actually gone the other direction, leaving later since the sun comes up later.  The day continued to be beautiful, but my leg continued to hurt, so we’ve slowed down considerably. I am, however, still faster than Reuben who is boggled by it :). The heat and exposure also takes its toll! I have some gross heat rash on my feet. It took us nearly 12 hours to go 25 miles (including a few lengthy breaks) but we’re camped at a beautiful pass with incredible sunset views with promise of amazing sunrise views from our tent.  We met some more SOBOs today: Super J, David, Snots, and Oh Well. 

Sunday, August 25:

  • Day: 68
  • Miles Hiked Today: 24.6
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1108.9
  • Update: We hit 1100 miles today! Today was a bit easier than yesterday in terms of terrain and temperature.  My leg seemed better too. Oh… and also, it’s Reuben’s birthday!! So, we left a little late and enjoyed views from our perch. Today was also pretty social! We met up with a group at a campground (the draw being a pit toilet) and they all dang happy birthday to Reuben: Pacemaker,  Trooper, Rook, and GPunk. We also reunited with another trail couple Oh Well and Snots, who are camping with us tonight. 

Monday, August 26:

  • Day: 69
  • Miles Hiked Today: 25.3
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1134.2
  • Update: Today was mixed…relaxed, beautiful,  shaded… then rocky, hot, and challenging. That seems to sum up NorCal (Northern California)! We actually went for a swim today, followed by a luxurious 1.5 hour drying off in the sun,  and had an amazing spring…but had to finish our last 10 miles on exposed ROCKY shoe eating terrain. My shoes are about done…but thankfully I have new ones coming in our next town… tomorrow!! We also met a new friend,  Moses from Tennessee, who convinced us to hike to a fantastic campsite tonight.  

Tuesday, August 27:

  • Day: 70
  • Miles Hiked Today: 17.8
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1151.9
  • Update:  Just a hop, skip, and a jump into town today for a stop at the Crossroads Hostel in Dunsmuir, CA at a gorgeous sunrise over Shasta and Castle Crags. The hike was hot (and possibly poison oak lined? New patches of rash…) but we made good time to the road by 1:30pm just in time to get a ride from a trail angel dropping off another couple of hikers.  He took us to the market where we sent our packages and then to the hostel (about 5 miles round trip). We’re currently clean with laundry drying in the line while full of Whoopie Pies and no bake cookies Joyce sent for Reuben’s birthday! He’s loved sharing them with the other hungry hikers :).

Wednesday, August 28:

  • Day: 71
  • Miles Hiked Today: 0
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1151.9
  • Update: ZERO DAY! We’ve decided to rest up my groin injury while we explore the towns of Dunsmuir and Mt. Shasta. We started the day with a super fun southern breakfast at our hostel since so many of us are from the south (including our hosts)! Reuben made the sausage gravy! We also took the bus to town to exchange some church socks (holy) and get some grub… and my new shoes came!! Mostly trying to rest up and let my leg heal though… while consuming food like a hiker.  

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