Big Questions

Over the past few weeks as we have been preparing for our big adventure, we have had some opportunity to reconnect with some of our friends as well as meet a bunch of new people as we have been selling all of our belongings on Facebook Marketplace. Whenever we tell people what we are doing, we get a variety of responses from “good for you” to “I hate you with jealousy”. Then there are the questions, which I am going to address here.

These are the big questions:

  • Where are you going?
    • This is a hard questions to answer because it feels like it will take a really long time to tell people about all of the places we intend to go over the next three years. Phase One will be our camper tour of the United States, we will be heading to Michigan and then doing a loop around the US going on a course that will keep us in moderate temperatures for the majority of the trip.
    • Phase Two will lead us back up to Washington state so we can begin a thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.
    • Next will be a tour of South America, we will probably do something like van life and work our way down to Patagonia.
    • The Continental Divide Trail will be the fourth phase of the journey, and once we complete that we will join the illustrious group of triple crowners.
  • When are you leaving?
    • Our target start date is August 1st.
  • Have you put the house on the market yet?
    • Not yet, we are doing some cosmetic touch ups to get it ready. Our goal was to get it on the market by July 1st.
    • It is officially going on the market tomorrow and there will be an open house on Sunday.
      Reuben painting
      Lillies and coneflower
      1026 Burchwood Ave.



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