Paris Day Four

Paris Day Four Itinerary:

9:00am Louvre

11:00am Pere-Lachaise Cemetery/Picnic

2:00pm Centre Pompidou

4:00pm Napoleon’s Tomb/Hotel de Invalides

6:00pm Dinner


Today we headed out with the sun rising over the love lock bridge and made a beeline for the Louvre. We beat the crowd by going through the underground entrance and managed to have a fairly quick visit without too much pushing (but did literally get lost in BF Egypt for a minute….)

Next we went to Pere Lachaise Cemetery to see the greatest hits: Stein, Wilde, Moliere, Chopin, and others.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch among the greatest French figures and then caught the train to Centre Pompidou to check out the moderns – which was a pleasant contemplative contrast to the touristy Louvre.

Afterwards, we toured Marais and then visited Napoleon’s Tomb and a bit of the Musee Del Armee (but frankly we were a bit musee’d out).

It started raining so we popped into a cafe for some coffee and then down the Champs de Mars to see the Eiffel Tower up close and personal.

After such an exciting day, we returned to the Latin Quarter for some onion soup and fondue!  

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