London Day Six

London Day Six Itinerary (Boxing Day):

9:00am Rent Bikes

9:30am Westminster Abbey

11:30am Changing the Guard/Buckingham Palace

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Globe Theater

3:00pm Enjoy a Cream Tea Somewhere

6:00pm Dinner


Boxing Day! (yup… It’s a real thing)

We started the day renting bikes from Barclays…getting a little lost and confused but accidentally witnessing the changing of the guard.

We then stopped for our last traditional meal (fish finger sandwich and cottage pie) before visiting Westminster Abbey. Very lovely (and pricey) but photographs not permitted.


We rode bikes up to the British Museum and had afternoon “cream tea” with views of the museum.

Next, we walked back towards the flat on the bustling Oxford Street….crazy with sales and people. Boxing Day is like Black Friday in London. Too busy to even take photos!

We ended the night with a cheapie dinner from the local market and have started preparations for our journey to Paris tomorrow.

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