Pacific Crest Trail

As Teachers on Hiatus, we have chosen to take 3 years to explore the world in 5 phases! Phase Two is a Southbound Thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in our attempt to finish the Triple Crown, hiking all three national scenic trails.

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General Thru-hiking Resources:

Resupply and Care Package Calendar:

Interested in sending us goodies on our hike? Click the link above to find our resupply calendar and shipping information!

Our Gear:

Here is our gear list PRE-hike. . We would not call ourselves ultra-lighters (UL), but we are significantly lighter than we were when we hiked the Appalachian Trail due to both gear advancements and experience. We did NOT change much during our hike and were very happy with our gear overall.

Below are our lists. Sharing weight as a couple definitely helps provide us with a few more luxury items than many hikers carry since we only have to carry one of most items.

We divide our gear into 60/40 split because that is our weight ratio. Reuben carries 60% of the weight, but he also eats 60% of the food! If we split the total weight down the middle, we are both carrying about a 14 pound base weight. Not UL but not heavy by any means!

Planning Documents:

Keep in mind that we developed these planning documents with ourselves in mind based on our prior experience hiking the Appalachian Trail and various research. They were developed PRE-hike. We revised the Daily Mileage Sheet as we went and have updated the document below. May contain errors!