Rig Modifications and Gear

If we’ve learned anything from #camperlife, it’s that we all love checking out other people’s mods!

Since we have a relatively unique camper setup, we thought it may be helpful to post a few of the modifications and gear we enjoy using in our 2009 Hi-Lo Towlite 17T (AKA Louise) and 2000 Toyota 4Runner (AKA Clark).

Check out our blog posts below!

Video: Week Five – Wyoming

Wyoming has always been one of our favorite states (and we've often considered moving here). We loved spending time in ...
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Lesson: Persistence Pays Off

Prior to leaving for the hiatus, we took several trips in order to prepare and figure out what problems we ...
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Video: The Adventure Begins

When I first told my students about our hiatus, the first thing they said was "no...don't go!" and the SECOND ...
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