Phase One: North American Wanderings

Our goal for Phase One of our nomadic journey is to begin to prepare for Phase Two, which is a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. In order to do this, we are going to have to get into a little better shape than we are now. We plan to do five hours each day of a variety of activities including hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, running, biking, tennis, skating, fishing, yoga, Pilates, and we will see what else we get into.

To see our Phase One blog posts, click here.

The plans below are general; we want to stay as flexible as possible. Please invite us to visit you if you live near our route and we can figure it out! We also welcome suggestions!

We’re only planning about five weeks out for ourselves with a general idea of where we’re heading for the full phase. If you’d also like to see where we’ve been, you can view this Google Doc we’re keeping for posterity!

Here is our general plan:

August-September, 2018
    • Michigan (Aug 1-August 13)
    • Wisconsin (August 13-August 16)
    • Minnesota (August 16-August 23)
    • North Dakota (August 23-August 25)
    • South Dakota (August 25-September 1)
    • Wyoming (September 1-September 7)
    • Montana (September 7-September 14)
  • Idaho (September 14-September 20)
October-November, 2018
    • Oregon (September 20 – October 2)
  • Northern California (October 2 – October 14)
  • Mid California (October 14 – October 31)
    • (Melissa in Romania and Bulgaria Oct. 14-29)
November-December, 2018
  • Southern California (November 1-4)
  • Arizona (November 5-9)
  • Visit to PA for Nephling Birth (November 10-15)
  • New Mexico (November 16-27)
  • Texas (November 28-December 9)
  • Louisiana (December 9-18)
  • Mississippi (December 19-22)
  • Columbus, Georgia (December 23-27)
  • Alabama Pinhoti Trail (December 28-January 10)
January-February, 2019
  • West Georgia (January 10-13)
  • Florida (January 14-February 10)
  • Coastal Georgia/South Carolina (February 11-March 3)
March-April, 2019
  • North Carolina/East Tennessee (March 4-23)
  • Virginia (March 24-April 4)
  • Maryland/Eastern Pennsylvania (April 5-April 14)
  • Williamsport, PA (April 15-April 28)
May, 2019
  • Return to Tennessee
  • Prep for PCT
June, 2019
    • Drive West
    • Drop Boxes at Resupply Locations
  • Begin PCT