Tallinn Itinerary

Two Day Tallinn Itinerary (continued from Finland with exit in Riga):

Day One:

6:00am Early Breakfast/Taxi to Ferry

7:30am Tallink Ferry to Tallinn

9:30am Walk Past Fat Margaret Tower and down Pikk Street/Drop Bags at hotel

10:00am Pick Up 2 Day Tallinn Card at Tourist Center

10:30am Estonian History Museum

12:00pm Tallinn City Museum

1:30pm Holy Spirit Church

2:00pm St. Olav’s Church

2:45pm Epping Tower

3:30pm Tallinn Town Wall

4:00pm St. Nicholas’ Church (4pm Organ Concert)

4:45pm Climb Tallinn Town Hall Tower

5:30pm Hellemann Tower/St. Catherine’s Passage

6:30pm Dinner

Day Two:

9:00am Breakfast/Check Out/Leave Bags

10:00am Museum of Occupations

11:00am Bastion Passages and Kiek in de Kok (English Tour at 11am)

11:45am St. Mary’s Cathedral/Piiskopi Viewing Platform

1:00pm Food and Bike Tour

5:00pm Museum of Estonian Drink Culture

6:00pm Wander

7:00pm Get Bags/Public Transport to Airport

9:20pm Flight to Riga

10:10pm Public Transport to Riga/Check into hotel