CDT “Thru”hike: Section 3

In this section, we continue our northward southbound journey across the Wyoming CDT with our friends Helium and Agate. This section features EVEN MORE long open exposed through a pretty inhospitable part of the Great Divide Basin.

Our videos feature quick and dirty views of each trail section as well as A+ and F moments and conclude with Lessons Learned. We hope you enjoy!

Click here for Section 3 Photos!


Friday,  June 26th

Day 9

CDT Miles Hiked Today: 21.5

CDT Miles Hiked Total: 136.1

He Said: Cows, antelope, and horses were the highlights of the day. A lot of off road vehicle path was the trail which was pretty easy walking. Agate was resting her knee and basically slack packed us. She provided a fun end of day challenge by getting the wagon stuck in the mud. So after 20ish miles we had a fun team building activity 😆🤪

She Said: Not too bad of a day as we continue our way through the Great Divide Basin. Not much water or shade, but we’re being slack packed this section by Agate, who injured her knees on the last section, so we have little weight on our backs and plenty of water in the car! No blowdowns this section,  but I do have heat rash on my feet from walking through the hot sandy desert.  But it’s nothing a little icy pop action can’t fix 😁.

Saturday,  June 27th

Day 11

CDT Miles Hiked Today: 21.6

CDT Miles Hiked Total: 157.7

He Said: I guess everyday can’t be exciting. Very much the same terrain today, just rolling hills with sage bush. It was a bit warm. We did finish by 3, so we had a lot of time in camp.

She Said: Today was probably the most boring day of “trail” I’ve ever hiked. Just a flat road with no flowers and hardly any animals…not even a angry bull…which I somehow forgot to mention yesterday! But I mostly listen to my audiobooks anyway…nearly done with Russka. We were treated to a nice break with chairs and icy pops by Agate though! The sun was also pretty relentless today. Then the wind picked up in the afternoon. Today was just an eh day.

Sunday,  June 28th

Day 12

CDT Miles Hiked Today: 23.6

CDT Miles Hiked Total: 181.3

He Said: Today’s environment was definitely harsh. Many creatures were returned to earth as you may be able to tell from the photos. We also saw a cow that was stuck in the mud and succumbed to that as well as an antelope carcass that was in the area where we camped. The wind was pretty intense touching around 40 mph at times. Agate was still supporting us with chairs set up at breaks, which is nice. 😁

She Said: A definite improvement from yesterday, but still some downsides.  The wind was pretty intense and we got lost route finding a couple times (a lot of this trail is just open walking in a general direction across scrub, which todaywas a little hazardous because of sheky sneks). Other than that, it was nice to have cloud cover for most of the day and then actual trees in camp!

Monday,  June 29th

Day 13

CDT Miles Hiked Today: 19.9

CDT Miles Hiked Total: 201.2

He Said: Apparently the only thing I thought was interesting today was signs. 🤪 We finished up the section with a road walk through #Rawlins #WY where you can get your guns and groceries in the same place (nothing wrong with that!) We returned to the campground we stayed at last week because it is a pleasant place for a zero to discover that a newlywed pair of mice had made a home in the drawers!

She Said: Pretty basic day! A lot of road walking today through town and on dirt roads back to the car. 20 miles by 1:30pm! Agate rejoined us for the last 9 miles which was awesome! What wasn’t awesome was discovering the aforementioned mice! The only upside is that they didn’t realize there was food in the truck…so I guess our smell proof bags and bins work! Good thing because we’re about to enter grizzly territory. 

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