PCT Thruhike: Section 25

In this section,  we continue our hike of the “desert” section from Big Bear to Idyllwild. As our tramily continues to take the last couple of weeks easy,  we have a bit of fun!

Our videos feature quick and dirty views of each trail section as well as A+ and F moments and conclude with Lessons Learned. We hope you enjoy!

Click here for Section 25 Photos!


Monday, November 4:

  • Day: 140
  • Miles Hiked Today: 15.7
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 2393.7
  • Miles Remaining: 259.4
  • Update: After a lovely weekend with my dad and stepmother,  we needed to get back at it. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast,  said our goodbyes, and took a rental car back to Big Bear where we left off. Once in town,  we took advantage of the car to haul our tramily as well as the Candy Kids (Sour Patch, Willy Wonka,  and Blue) back to the trailhead. It took a while to find the Enterprise desk hidden inside a Holiday Inn with no external sign or working phone,  but we finally managed to get back to the trail by 2:15pm…but with 16 miles to hike and less sun due to Daylight Savings. Once it got dark, Reuben and I hiked together and chatted for 2.5 hours of night hiking, which made it go faster.  The BEST part of today was that our tramily offered to take our tent and set it up for us.. then they left us two beers inside! 🙂

Tuesday, November 5:

  • Day: 141
  • Miles Hiked Today: 19.4
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 2413.1
  • Miles Remaining: 240
  • Update: 2400 miles! We’ve decided to keep to low 20s (or less) for the last two weeks of our hike,  especially with daylight savings, to just enjoy it more and not feel rushed. Today was a cool and gentle day of hiking,  though it got pretty cold by the time we reached camp! We took several breaks where we played pine cone bowling and pie tin frisbee.  In camp we met three new SOBOs, Slime Mold, Space Race, and Honey Pot. 

Wednesday, November 6:

  • Day: 142
  • Miles Hiked Today: 19.9
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 2433
  • Miles Remaining: 220.1
  • Update: Though today was only 20 miles,  10 of those were through a tough bit of flooded trail that was difficult to navigate,  causing us to still get in barely before dark! There was great beauty once past the Mission Creek valley though,  especially in the fading afternoon sun. Also, tarantulas! Also also, Gretzky picked up a snake! We’re camped next to Whitewater River and it’s warm :). It’s the first night we haven’t had to set up the fly for warmth in a while and we’re looking forward to seeing the stars tonight with the sound of water gurgling by…

Thursday, November 7:

  • Day: 143
  • Miles Hiked Today: 22.9
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 2455.9
  • Miles Remaining: 197.2
  • Update: Fewer than 200 miles left!! Boy, where did the time go? Today we hiked out of the Whitewater River valley,  under the I-10, across a hot unshaded sandy desert, and halfway up San Jacinto mountain! Diverse! I think my favorite part was my recent memory of spending time with my dad in Palm Springs.  I pointed to San Jacinto and pseudo grumbled about having to get up and over that next. He actually thought I was joking. He was like, “wait… you hike up that kind of stuff???” Lol. I think I earned some respect… it’s a dramatic range next to the flat valley in Palm Springs! In camp now, we can see the lights of the city twinkling below…

Friday, November 8:

  • Day: 144
  • Miles Hiked Today: 20.3
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 2473.7
  • Miles Remaining: 179.4
  • Update: Today was more challenging than we’d have liked but we’re in town: Idyllwild! We finished off our 20 miles of climbing over/around Mt. San Jacinto with pretty views and on to a parking lot where we easily hitched to town with a German couple visiting our country to visit some national parks. We’re staying in a cute little room in a local inn with a fireplace and they even did our laundry for us! This is our last room during our hike because our next town only offers tent space as accommodations,  so we intend to fully enjoy this bed, shower, and other amenities! We’re zeroing here tomorrow and heading back out on Sunday. 

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