PCT Thruhike: Section 14

In this section,  we hike from Old Station,  CA to Belden, CA. The stretch includes our halfway point and a top 5 gear review.

Our videos feature quick and dirty views of each trail section as well as A+ and F moments and conclude with Lessons Learned. We hope you enjoy!

Click here for Section 14 Photos!

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Wednesday, September 4:

  • Day: 78
  • Miles Hiked Today: 3.8
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1283.4
  • Update:  Today was chill.  We slept kind of poorly because our motel room had a TV with lots of channels and a bright light outside the room, but we still got up early to take care of all the town day business (other than laundry which we did last night). We organized our food, made adjustments to the schedule, repaired gear, put together a YouTube video (will post with enough service), and sought out an eating situation.  The “resort” we stayed at was nice but there weren’t any nearby restaurants. However, we easily hitched 3 miles down the road to JJs Cafe for breakfast and lunch to go. We hitched back to the resort and hung out a bit and ate again before getting on with our hike. We intended to hike 2-3 miles further, but when we saw a campsite next to a beautiful stream, we said… let’s just stay here! We’ll have to make up the miles tomorrow,  but Lassen Volcanic National Park should be pretty!

Thursday, September 5:

  • Day: 79
  • Miles Hiked Today: 29.1
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1312.5
  • Update: Our biggest intentional day so far and we hit 1300 miles! Today was actually a good day to approach 30 because the terrain was very mild,  though a bit boring. We were expecting more I think because we walked across Lassen National Park, but the PCT really didn’t cross anything exciting…just a burn area and a few creeks.  That being said, we still enjoyed the day… running into friends Money Maker, Grumps, Adieu, Spoonman, and Skipper. Oh… and we got to wash our legs and feet twice today!! Once at midday and once at camp alongside an ample and cold river.  Feet soaking…ahhh.

Friday, September 6:

  • Day: 80
  • Miles Hiked Today: 24.9
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1337.3
  • Update: We hit the halfway point today! The hike today was also more interesting than yesterday,  if more rocky. The views were considerably better. It was a bit dry though…with water sources sparse and spread out. We got a little concerned when our friend Credence told us about a fire two towns over, but he called the fire department and they said not to worry. Phew! We’re camped tonight with Grumps.

Saturday, September 7:

  • Day: 81
  • Miles Hiked Today: 23.1
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 1360.4
  • Update:  It felt nice to only hike 23 after our 29/25 the past two days, especially with all the rocks for the past two. Today we finished with losing 3000 feet over 8 miles, which I was nervous about with my recovering injury (down hurts) but it was fine (excepting the rocks of course). We’re camped again with Grumps tonight,  whose company we enjoy. He’s not actually grumpy :). Tomorrow, we have just 6 miles into Belden for a resupply/showers then an immediate 4 out to get some of one of the most notorious climbs out of the way. The biggest bummer of the day was that my younger brother is only about an hour away and offered to pick us up for a BBQ! But we’re,  ironically, on a tight schedule because we made plans to meet up with him to hike on the 13th. No rest for the weary…

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