PCT Thruhike: Section 8

Please enjoy the combination of video, mini blog, and photo gallery of our eighth section on the Pacific Crest Trail!

Our videos feature quick and dirty views of each trail section as well as A+ and F moments and conclude with Lessons Learned. We hope you enjoy!

Click here for link to Section 8 Photos! 


Saturday, August 3:

  • Day: 46
  • Miles Hiked Today: 12.5 (+ 1.1 for side trails)
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 670.5
  • Update: 25% complete! We had a really nice nero today out of Big Lake Youth Camp, where we resupplied and dined on delicious donations based meals. We were glad for the short day though because what we did hike was tough! We’d been hearing about the 6 mile lava field for a few days,  so were prepared. It wasn’t really that bad, just tough on the shoes and…feet. To make it more bearable, I pretended it was a foot massage/exfoliation and Reuben pretended he was walking on the moon. We were fortunate that there was cloud cover for most of it! We stopped at the appropriately named Lava Lake for the night with some interesting NOBOs. 

Sunday, August 4:

  • Day: 47
  • Miles Hiked Today: 24
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 694.4
  • Update: It rained today! We were actually very excited for some rain to cool us off and give some cover from the sun.  Today we hiked over more lava rock and through some cool meadows and a few burn areas… kind of diverse. I also stopped to teach a scared German hiker about what to do in a thunderstorm! We are currently camping by a lovely lake (which we have been loving so as to wash off our grimy legs and feet) with Juicy Fruit, from Portugal, and another teacher thruhiker! The skeets were pretty bad when we first got here, but then it hailed and a breeze came in and they got better.. though we’re maybe finally going to get into the horrible swarms we’ve been fearing!

Monday, August 5:

  • Day: 48
  • Miles Hiked Today: 25.5
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 719.9
  • Update: We hit mile 700 today!  We’ve really started to feel more and more like we’ve got solid trail legs with a fairly consistent 3mph pace. It’s nice for estimating time between breaks.  Of course, today was a pretty level day without lava rocks etc. We have definitely moved into skeeter territory. They land on us even while moving fast and covered with poison…but such is life! It shouldn’t last two long and they really aren’t THAT bad. It does make it even more uncomfortable to do your business in the woods though! All the lakes have provided some nice swimming holes. 

Tuesday, August 6:

  • Day: 49
  • Miles Hiked Today: 22.5
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 742.2
  • Update:  Today was delightful with a relatively short distance to hike and beautiful lakes to admire.  We also ran into our friend Carpet as well as a few others we met at our last stop. It’s been interesting to find our niche within the various already formed trail families… feeling like we’re playing catch up, but we’re making headway.  We’re camped at a beautiful lake without mosquitoes just 5 miles from our next resupply and are very excited about showers, laundry, and pizza! (and of course beer)

Wednesday, August 7:

  • Day: 50
  • Miles Hiked Today: 4.7 (+1.4 in side trails)
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 746.9
  • Update: It was an easy hike into Shelter Cove this morning, aided by a lovely conversation with Carpet with whom we reunited last night. Our stop here has been super refreshing with delicious food and delightful conversation with SOBOs and NOBOs alike.  We’re very thankful to Steve for his generous gift box, which everyone enjoyed watching us open. Our care packages have become a little known to the other hikers with whom we share… so they all enjoy the opening!


  1. Eve

    Lol good work Reuben. You were a chatter box this episode. Lol. Was that a snake on the left by the hole in the tree? Ok love you

    1. Melissa

      Haha! He did do well :). Yes, it was a snake… probably garter

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