PCT Thruhike: Section 5

Please enjoy the combination of video, mini blog, and photo gallery of our fifth week on the Pacific Crest Trail!

This week we join Teachers on the Trail for a fun collab!

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Friday, July 12:

  • Day: 25
  • Miles Hiked Today: 9.7
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 326.7
  • Update: We cannot recommend Skykomish enough! It’s such a hiker friendly town,  with even a free shuttle back to the trail. The Cascadia Inn owner Henry was a lovely,  helpful host. We also met up with our new teacher friends from Maine and have decided to hike together! We had an easy 10 miles in with perfect weather – camping by a lake with hardly a skeet. I haven’t mentioned it here yet,  but I (Melissa) definitely have a shin splint issue in my right leg. It started the day we left Snoqualmie, so 6 days ago. I’ve kept a bandana on it, which helps but in town I bought a better compression bandage. If I wear it,  I have no pain but when I take it off, my shin feels this weird loose muscle pain…hard to describe. I’ve been trying to maintain miles at a slower pace to decrease pressure and avoid a stress fracture, which would kill the hike. There’s no swelling and it hasn’t gotten worse (for those I may have worried…)!

Saturday, July 13:

  • Day: 26
  • Miles Hiked Today: 19.6
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 346.3
  • Update: Hiking around 20 each day has started to feel pretty normal and we’re no worse for wear,  so that feels pretty promising! We have 3 more 20ish days in this section and then a 15 into town,  Stehekin. We already know we won’t have any service for the rest of this section, so hopefully no one worries! Today was a beautiful day! No rain, not too hot or cold,  and the terrain was moderate. We’re camped next to the lovely Lake Sally Ann in the “penthouse” campsite with wicked amazing views. We saw 60 SOBO hikers today! At this point,  we’re unlikely to see any of the folks we meet when we flip back down unless they do crazy miles and take no time off, but it’s still nice to meet them!

Sunday, July 14:

  • Day: 27
  • Miles Hiked Today: 20.9
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 367.2
  • Update: Today was lovely and mostly sunny with stunning views of the Glacier Peak Wilderness. We’d been a little anxious about today because of some SOBO fear mongering over the trail conditions,  but it was fine! It wasn’t easy, but no big deal. We have mixed feelings on fear mongering. On one hand, it’s annoying, but on the other, it makes us even more determined to enjoy every minute out here. We enjoyed a fire in camp tonight with our teacher friends from Maine (Agate and Helium) as well as our Israeli friend Ofer and his son, who has joined him on the trail for the rest of Washington.

Monday, July 15:

  • Day: 28
  • Miles Hiked Today: 20.7
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 387.9
  • Update: Today was a pretty tough day, with cold rain to start and some dramatic ups and downs,  but very pretty (especially at Fire Creek Pass). It was also a marmot day… actually we’ve seen tons of marmots these last few days…but today they seemed particularly unafraid of us. We continued to camp with Agate, Helium, Ofer, and the newly named Potpourri, enjoying another fire together and discussing plans for the remaining days in Washington.  Tomorrow we’ll hit 400 miles!

Tuesday, July 16:

  • Day: 29
  • Miles Hiked Today: 24.3
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 412.4
  • Update: We hit 400 miles today! Now only 2200 more, lol… Today was significantly easier than yesterday,  which is good because we decided to hike 24 miles instead of 20 to make it into Stehekin tomorrow in time for the 11am shuttle. Our feet ached by the end of day and Reuben’s shoes are plum wore out, but it was overall enjoyable and we hung out with Agate and Helium around a fire.  We’ve both been listening to audiobooks while we hike and I finished Song Yet Sung today.  We’re planning a blog post soon with reviews. Tomorrow is town day and we hope to get wifi ASAP so you can get these posts!

Wednesday, July 17:

  • Day: 30
  • Miles Hiked Today: 12.4
  • Miles Hiked So Far: 424.8
  • Update: We rose early so we could have plenty of time to catch the 11am shuttle to town.  But about halfway through, I checked our hiker app again and realized there were only buses at 9:15 and 12:30! So, I ran…but to no avail; we missed the 9:15 by 15 minutes and had to wait 3 hours for the next one,  lol. But 12.4 miles in 4 hours wasn’t too shabby! We hunkered on the porch of the ranger station listening to music until all of a sudden hikers seemed to emerge from every corner of the woods, reminiscent of the final scene of Harry and the Hendersons. They all seemed to know the correct time of the shuttle. On the way to Stehekin,  a town accessible only by foot or boat, the shuttle stops at a famous bakery where we procured delicious treats before finishing the ride into town.  Tonight, we’re camping at their free campground but tomorrow taking a zero day and staying in a cabin with Agate and Helium. There is no service or wifi here,  but a free phone so we asked Reuben’s sister to send a Facebook update for us. We spent the afternoon and evening sitting by the lovely Lake Chelan, enjoying the soft breeze and sunshine.

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