PCT Thruhike: Final Countdown

We have spent the past two weeks driving west then north to personally drop the majority of our resupply boxes for our upcoming “long walk” on the Pacific Crest Trail. Seeing this preview of the trail has really been helpful in allaying anxieties and pumping up our excitement levels!

We’ve also taken advantage of the opportunity to hike at elevation in snowy conditions.

The most amazing part has been seeing friends and enjoying their overwhelming generosity and hospitality! Major shout outs to Daryl, Ben, Jes, Kate, Andrew, John, and Curtis! You’re better friends than we deserve! Sorry, not sorry we didn’t take pictures of our time together.  We were having too much fun!

We embark tomorrow, heading north from the Oregon-Washington border. We will hike into Canada then flip back around to the same spot to finish the trail to Mexico. We chose this route based on weather and are hopeful it will work out, though we already know we will have major steep snowy traverses, flooding, and hella horrible mosquitoes to contend with the first few weeks on trail…

We will update as often as we have service and will continue to post weekly YouTube videos, so stay tuned!

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