Two Days in North Coastal Wisconsin

Wisconsin has much to offer and no less can be said about it’s northern coastal region. Though Wisconsin possesses a shorter Lake Superior shoreline than it’s neighbors to the east and west, it sure packs a punch!

We began by driving through the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest towards the Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway. We curved around the northern peninsula to get to a lovely spot in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore at the Little Sand Bay Recreation Area

The campground is located in the Town of Russell, which is pretty much JUST the campground and marina. There is also a lovely self-guided tour of the historic Hokenson Brothers Fishery.


Once set up, we decided to stretch our legs with a trail run on the Meyers Beach Sea Cave Trail. The trail is perfect for trail running, though a busy route with many tree stumps to dodge. We were disappointed that the parking fee at Meyers Beach was not supported by our National Park Pass. 

The sea caves were lovely though and we met some wonderful new friends from New Hampshire!

On the return to the campground, we also stopped in for some tree ripened peaches!

On our second day, we couldn’t wait to get the kayaks out on the water for a paddle to Sand Island to visit it’s famous sea caves (though we think they should be called lake caves…). We took extra precautions while paddling across the four miles of deep and cold Lake Superior to get to the caves and back (i.e. tow rope, GPS, extra clothes, food, and water). We were fortunate to have very calm waters and capture some amazing beauty!

Next, we showered and packed up to continue our north coastal journey, though we ended up going inland just a bit to explore some state park waterfalls. First, we went to Amnicon Falls State Park. There are very few trails here, but we did enjoy a creek walk along the Amnicon – though were disappointed there aren’t actually any real waterfalls…


Next, we drove to nearby Pattison State Park to view the tallest falls in Wisconsin, Big Manitou Falls. It’s beauty more than made up for the lack of waterfalls at our first stop! We ended the day by crossing into Minnesota.

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