Video: Week One – Southern Michigan

We’re teachers, not videographers – so this whole YouTubing thing is super new to us, especially the idea of being on camera all the time.

We’ve had a really good time this week engaging in conversations about how to frame video and what B-roll we may need. However, we’ve also learned some lessons after having taken a bunch of video of our adventures and trying to cobble them into a narrative. 

For example, we’ve learned to make sure we shoot landscape and not portrait. Portrait frames make the transition between shots awkward. We also learned (too late) that we had an inaccurate date-time stamp on our faux x-pro that rendered much of our action video unusable.

One goal we have for next week is to show more and talk less. The usable video we discovered we had at the end of the week was mostly just our talking heads. Additionally, some of our cameras have better microphones than others, which led to uneven sound clips. We had to amplify Reuben’s voice 300% for every video just to hear him! (It is also entirely possible that I’m just very loud…)

So, we’re learning and getting better! Please enjoy our first week of hiatus with us!


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