Potawatomi Trail

Today, on our third day of hiatus, we decided to jump into our major reason for Phase One – to prepare for Phase Two, a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. As we are currently not in shape for that endeavor, we thought we’d kick the tires today on exactly how out of shape we are by hiking an 18 mile loop trail rated as “challenging.”


The Potawatomi Trail is considered the oldest loop trail in Michigan, developed in 1962. While we were concerned about the denotation of “challenging” and length, we were excited about reports of how beautiful the hike was – which turned out to be accurate.


We actually started in the parking lot near Pickerel Lake (on accident) and hiked clockwise around the loop (recommended for hikers as mountain bikers share the route and are encouraged to bike counter-clockwise). This way, one gets at least a millisecond of warning before nearly being barreled over :).


Truly though, the trail was very pretty – full of lake views and boardwalks. Neither Reuben and I found the terrain to be particularly challenging – actually fairly flat – even the part of the trail labeled “serious hills” on the map. I think there may be a bit of difference between Michiganders and Tennesseans on the perception of a “serious hill.”

We ended the day with a brief visit to Hell…Michigan that is. It’s a quirky little town just north of the Pinckney Recreation Area that houses the Potawatomi and affiliated trails.

We partook of a much needed cold beverage at the Hell Hole Bar before heading back to Dale’s Boondocking stop in Chelsea. It was so lovely to stay here last night, we opted to stay one more night!


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