Video: The Adventure Begins

When I first told my students about our hiatus, the first thing they said was “no…don’t go!” and the SECOND was “are you going to have a Youtube channel?”

So we’ve been meaning to start a Youtube channel, but first one has to actually make a video. We figured the best way to start would be an intro to us and our Phase One camper, Louise!

We learned a lot about what NOT to do during the making of this film, but also feel like we’re starting to get the hang of it. We’ve decided to use Movavi Video Editor 12 as our editing software. It is actually SUPER easy to use, even for novices like ourselves.

The biggest struggle was the learning curve on video sharing. We first tried Google Photos, but you can’t download easily. Then we tried Dropbox, but the upload speeds were infuriating. We finally settled on just sharing my external hard drive back and forth! It’s old school, but it works!

Please enjoy our very first video!

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