Lesson: Getting the Most from Our Osprey Packs

As we have paired down all our belongings to the essentials, we’ve been taking stock and ensuring the quality of the items that we’ll need over the various phases of our three year journey. One of the MOST essential items will be our beloved Osprey Packs. We used these babies on our AT thru-hike and have been Osprey fans ever since (we also travel with Osprey Meridians).

One great thing about Osprey is that their packs come with a lifetime guarantee! So when you put a lot of mileage on them (like we have), they literally “got your back.” They give crystal clear instructions on how to clean and ship your packs to them for repairs. You only have to pay shipping to them, but then they’ll send it back.

We meant to clean, evaluate, and submit repair requests a while ago, but with everything else going on got a little waylaid…so we won’t actually be in Nashville when the bags would get shipped back. However, they do have an option for thru-hikers to submit repair requests. We called and they were SOO nice about helping us get the packs back. Since we don’t know where we’ll be in 8 weeks (I mean, we sort of do, but not really), they are going to call us for an exact location once the repairs have been made.

My pack was a little worse for wear than Reuben’s since he’s had a repair or two already on these sturdy packs. Mostly, we just need zippers replaced. However, there is some worn fabric from the framing that gives us pause. We’re not sure if they’ll be able to repair them, so they may end up replacing them altogether. If they do replace them, it is unlikely we’ll get the same exact packs since ours are over 11 years old. I carry the Aura 50 and Reuben uses the Atmos 65. They are a little on the heavy side by today’s ultralight standards, but we also like the comfort of a solid hip belt. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what will happen! Stay tuned…



  1. Miriam Eve

    Did you get a new one?

    1. Melissa

      We did! They shipped us new packs in Montana!

  2. Jody Phillips

    Wow! Awesome customer service!

    1. mstugart

      I know – highly recommend Osprey packs. They are durable, comfortable, and have great lightweight options!

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