Blogs versus Lessons

Greetings friends,

A while back while working on our Karmann Ghia, my friend Josh Skelton suggested that rather than calling our blog a blog, we should call them lessons.


We have been pondering the idea for a while now. The idea is that we will be framing our posts as the lessons that we learn during our travels and experiences. We think this aligns well with us being teachers that are on hiatus. We will continue to learn and as an experiential learner myself, I believe it will be a wonderful time.

So, let’s talk about the lesson learned from the Karmann Ghia. So far, a lot of people really like the car, and think they would like to own it; however it seems to be more of a fantasy than something they will actually do. I am sure we will find the right home for this ol’ girl in due time.


Let us know what you think of the change!

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