Teachers on Hiatus

Greetings to our Dear Followers!

School is finally over for the year and the preparation phase of Teachers on Hiatus begins! As most of you know by now, Reuben and I have made a rather dramatic decision to go on hiatus for the next three years to fulfill some personal goals, primarily becoming Triple Crowners by finishing thru-hikes of all three national scenic trails. However, we are equally excited about doing what we love (traveling and being outdoors) TOGETHER.

We will use this site for multiple purposes: recording memories, sharing insights, trading secrets, laughing at ourselves, and helping our readers live vicariously through our adventures (and mishaps). We encourage you all to make comments, ask questions, offer advice, laugh, and cry along with us. From our many travels so far, we have learned that they are best enjoyed when we get to engage with others as well.

As we gear up to depart for Phase One: North American Wanderings, we first have to sell our house and ALL OUR BELONGINGS! This is both a daunting and liberating prospect! Stay tuned as the blog comes alive over the next couple of months with our frantic preparations.

Love, Reuben and Missie


  1. Jody Phillips

    Grace told me of your upcoming adventures. I am in awe! I can’t wait to see how this adventure unfolds. Good luck with your preparations.

    1. Missie

      Thanks Jody! We’re definitely feeling a full range of emotions ourselves. I was VERY sad to say goodbye to Grace and all her classmates yesterday, but jazzed about what awaits :).

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