Copenhagen Day Three

Copenhagen Itinerary:

9:09am Take A Train from Osterport to Hillerod

9:45am Walk to Frederiksborg Castle and National Museum

10:00am Explore Frederiksborg/Take Ferry

1:00pm Take the 930R Train to Helsingor

1:26pm Walk to Kronborg Castle/Consider Helsingor Town Museum

4:56pm Take the 029 Train from Helsingor to Osterport

5:32pm Return/Dinner


We began our last day with a train ride out of the city to see a few countryside castles.

First, we visited Fredericksborg Castle, first owned by Frederick II, but perfected by Christian IV, until a fire in 1859. Thankfully, that same year, J. C. Jacobsen, founder of Carlsberg Beer, began restoring this “Scandinavian Versailles” as a museum.

After touring the castle, we enjoyed a picnic in the gardens before taking a little ferry around the moat to return to the train station.

Next we caught a train to Helsingor, anglicized and made famous as “Elsinore” by one William Shakespeare in his play, “Hamlet.” WHICH WE SAW PERFORMED LIVE THROUGHOUT THE CASTLE (English teacher dream, y’all!!!) 

It was an incredible experience and my phone got filled up with video (only shared one below – not an actual scene, more like a history lesson from Claudius). Also, Mom and I got to sit in seats next to Claudius during the play within a play!

After our visit, we traveled about 10 minutes south by train to visit the Louisiana Art Museum at Lucas Deans’ suggestion, then headed south by train again to get back to Copenhagen, meeting a delightful new friend along the way!

Upon our return, we fit in one more tower climb at the Round Tower before dinner.

For dinner, Reuben found a wonderful place called Puk, the third oldest restaurant in town, where we ate sausages, veal brisket, and roast pork.

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