Lithuania Day One

Klaipeda Itinerary: (continued from Latvia)

5:00am Breakfast/Check Out

6:00am Shuttle to Klaipeda

10:30am Arrive in Klaipeda/Drop Bags at Hotel

11:30am Rent Bikes

12:00pm Ferry to Smiltyne

12:30pm Visit Sea Museum/Fortress

2:00pm Explore Curonian Spit on Bike (Visit Juodkrante and Pervalka)

7:00pm Return Bikes/Dinner


Started early (as usual) with a 6:00am shuttle to Klaipeda, Lithuania, fueled by a delightful packed breakfast from our hotel. The five hour ride went quickly as we watched episodes of Orange is the New Black.

Upon arrival, we dropped our bags at the hotel (too early for check-in) and headed for some lunch before picking up rental bikes. For lunch, we stopped in a cafe but had no idea what was on the menu, so just picked random stuff. Turns out it was basically french fries!

After we picked up bikes, we ferried across the Curonian Lagoon to ride bikes in the Curonian Spit, a skinny 98 km long sand-dune spit off the coast of Lithuania. We rode about 30 miles today, down to Juodkrante and back, despite the rain and 20 mph winds!


We poked around Juodkrante’s Witch Hill Park, containing over 80 wood sculptures, and ate some Lithuanian desserts to strengthen ourselves for the ride back, which went more quickly than the way down.

While we waited for the ferry back, we stopped for some hot spicy lamb soup to warm us up!


After returning the bikes, we checked in to our hotel officially and were pretty shocked by our room size! It’s enormous with a giant balcony on the top floor! But now it’s time to sleep…we have a sunrise kayak tour in the morning…


  1. Klaipeda is a beautiful city for relaxation

    1. Melissa

      We agree! It was a great place to visit.

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