Latvia Day Two


After breakfast, we explored Riga Central Market before catching a train to Kemeri for a day trip.

Kemeri, now home to a national park, was once a spa town where folks came to “take the waters,” but it has since become something of a ghost town. After spending so much time in cities, we needed a break, so decided to spend this rainy day hiking in a bog!

Actually, it was quite lovely, walking alongside green dunes and over marshlands while listening to the sounds of cuckoo birds (except of course for the giant masses of mosquitoes).


Overall, we hiked about 9 miles, stopping only briefly to get out sandwiches we packed but had to eat while walking so we didn’t become lunch for the mosquitoes ourselves!


After a train ride back into town, we cleaned up and went out for a fine meal in the shadows of St. John’s and St. Peter’s Churches – quite the ambiance! Early start to Lithuania tomorrow…


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