Latvia Day One

Riga Itinerary: (continued from Tallinn)

10:00am National History Museum of Latvia

11:30am St. John’s Church (closes at noon)

12:00pm St. Peter’s Church

1:00pm Art Museum Riga Bourse

2:30pm Riga Dome Cathedral (Free)

3:30pm Riga History Museum

5:00pm Three Brothers (Free)

5:30pm Riga Castle (Free)

6:00pm Powder Tower (Free)

6:30pm Great Guild Hall (Free)

7:00pm Livu Square (Free)

7:30pm Dinner/Return to Hotel

After a late arrival last night in Riga, we slept in until 8:00 today!

After a delightful Latvian breakfast, we set about our itinerary with stops at the National History Museum of Latvia, St. John’s Church, and St. Peter’s Church.


After these visits, we realized travel fatigue had set in, so we regrouped at the oldest bar in Riga for some black balsam and beer to consider our options.

We decided to just go where the wind took us for the afternoon, wandering the quaint (but significantly less quaint than Tallinn) streets to view various cathedrals and churches, the Riga Castle, the Guild of the Blackheads, the Powder Tower, the Three Brothers (a series of the oldest residential houses in the city from various centuries), and the Riga City Museum.

We also climbed Bastion Hill and walked up and down the canal a bit before selecting an authentic Latvian restaurant for linner and a good long sit in the warm summer air.


After a nap, we’re now holed up in our hotel room for a quiet evening in.

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