Tallinn Day Two

Tallinn Itinerary:

9:00am Breakfast/Check Out/Leave Bags

10:00am Museum of Occupations

11:00am Bastion Passages and Kiek in de Kok (English Tour at 11am)

11:45am St. Mary’s Cathedral/Piiskopi Viewing Platform

1:00pm Food and Bike Tour

5:00pm Museum of Estonian Drink Culture

6:00pm Wander

7:00pm Get Bags/Public Transport to Airport

9:20pm Flight to Riga

10:10pm Public Transport to Riga/Check into hotel


Another fantastic day in the Baltics – very tough to choose pictures!

We began the day with a run through, around, and over the city walls followed by a big hotel breakfast.


Next we visited the Museum of Occupations, an intense look at the tragic history of the Estonians, having been constantly occupied by other nations for nearly all of its history (only independent since 1991 with collapse of the USSR).

We followed up the haunting experience by visiting Kiek in the Kok (fun to say but means “peak in the kitchen” referring to the soldiers’ view from the tower) and walking underneath the city in the Bastion Tunnels (formerly a prison, garrison, bomb shelter, punker hangout, and homeless city through the ages).


We were next thrilled for a biking food tour that took us out of the old town to local haunts for authentic Estonian cuisine. Our guide Chrisdon provided interesting insight into what it means to be Estonian, especially explaining the ongoing tensions with the large non-Estonian-speaking Russian community still living in Tallinn (nearly 25%).



After the tour, we grabbed a free drink at the Museum of Estonian Drinking Culture and climbed one final tower at the Dome Church.


Sights closed, we meandered the streets until time to catch a bus to the airport for our evening flight to Riga, Latvia where we’ll be for the next two days!



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