Tallinn Day One

Tallinn Itinerary: (continued from Finland)

6:00am Early Breakfast/Taxi to Ferry

7:30am Tallink Ferry to Tallinn

9:30am Walk Past Fat Margaret Tower and down Pikk Street/Drop Bags at hotel

10:00am Pick Up 2 Day Tallinn Card at Tourist Center

10:30am Estonian History Museum

12:00pm Tallinn City Museum

1:30pm Holy Spirit Church

2:00pm St. Olav’s Church

2:45pm Epping Tower

3:30pm Tallinn Town Wall

4:00pm St. Nicholas’ Church (4pm Organ Concert)

4:45pm Climb Tallinn Town Hall Tower

5:30pm Hellemann Tower/St. Catherine’s Passage

6:30pm Dinner


We took the early ferry to Tallinn, Estonia today for our first taste of the Baltics. Beyond being excited for the lower prices, we were excited for a little bit different culture. Tallinn super fit the bill! Europe’s best preserved medieval city, the quaint but comparatively large old town has so much charm!

After dropping bags at our hotel, we picked up Tallinn Passes and immediately began touring the sites including the Estonia National Museum, the Tallinn City Museum, The Church of the Holy Spirit, St. Olav’s Church (where we climbed the steep tower), and Epping Tower (where we could actually play with swords).




Somewhere in there we found some elk and salmon panini and free marzipan treats.


After all that, Reuben was tuckered, so he took a nap while I continued on to visit the town wall, St. Nicholas’s Church, Helleman Tower, and Katherine’s Passage.



Once rested, Reuben was ready to eat, so we found a delightful place next to the town well for some actually affordable fine dining. We’re looking forward to another day of exploring this wonderland of treasures tomorrow.


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