Finland Day One

Turku: (continued from Stockholm)

Jolted awake this morning after realizing we set our alarms on Sweden time instead of Finland time and the ferry was arriving in Turku! We still had time to grab some breakfast and coffee from the bow of the ship as it parallel parked into the terminal.

Once on shore, we were met by Mikko, our pike fishing tour guide for the day, who drove us far into the archipelago to catch some big pike. I giggled the whole ride because of how excited the two fishermen (Mikko and Reuben) were to share stories and tips. 

Reuben started on a fly rod while I watched, then I decided to take a try with a spinning rod and caught one in four casts (!!!), so he decided to switch it up. Sadly, that was the only pike we caught all day despite being in the boat for nearly 5 hours. But, at least it was beautiful and peaceful on the water.

Mikko drove us back to town, teaching us about Finland and giving us travel tips before dropping us at our hostel, S/S Bore, an old steamship turned into a hotel, replete with breakfast and morning sauna!

After check in, we headed to the Turku Castle for a bit of history of the original capital of Finland.

After, we explored our ship hostel more and discovered a cafe so grabbed some refreshment before a long river walk to a recommended restaurant with views of the Turku Cathedral. On to Helsinki tomorrow!


7:35am Arrive in Turku/Drop Bags at Hostel Borea

8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Turku Castle

11:00am Walk to Turku Cathedral (2 miles)

1:00pm Lunch/Bus to Meet Fishing Tour

2:00pm Fishing Tour

6:00pm Return/Dinner/Explore

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