Stockholm Day Two

Stockholm Itinerary:

9:00am Stockholm Cathedral

9:45am Check on Drottningholm Palace Ferry Tickets

10:15am The Royal Palace

11:30pm Lunch/Watch for Changing of the Guard on route

12:00pm Boat to Drottningholm Palace

4:00pm Return to City via Boat

5:00pm Dinner at Grona Lund Tivoli


Started with a big hostel breakfast this morning before heading to the Storkykhan Cathedral for a quick peek then arranging Drottningholm ferry tickets for later in the day.

While nearby, we opted to check out the prominent City Hall and we happened to walk up just when there was an opening to climb the tower (only 30 allowed at a time during 30 minute slots) so away we climbed!

Next, we checked out several museums in the Royal Palace complex (Royal Apartments, Chapel, Treasury, and Armory) while waiting on our ferry.

Next, we took the ferry to visit Drottningholm Palace, where the current King and Queen actually live. The palace and grounds were pretty, but nothing to rival Versailles, or even Schonbrunn.

After the long ferry ride back to the city, we walked to Djurgarden to enjoy a different scene: Gruna Lund, the city’s amusement park! I can’t resist giant swings…They were SO HIGH!!! We also LOVED their fun house…it was so…well… Fun!

After sharing a nibble on fish and chips (something Reuben can’t resist), we caught a ferry back to Gamla Stan and bought snacks for a light dinner and lunch tomorrow: including salt licorice!

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