Stockholm Day One

Stockholm Itinerary: (continued from Oslo)

7:00am Breakfast and Check Out

8:56am Train to Stockholm

2:05pm Arrive in Stockholm/Pick Up 2 Day Stockholm Passes

2:30pm Check into Hotel Gamla Stan

3:00pm The Hallwyl Collection

4:00pm Swedish History Museum (closes at 5pm)

5:30pm Nobel Prize Museum (SP; open until 8pm)

7:00pm Dinner

8:00pm Fotografiska Museum (SP; open until 1am)

10:00pm Sunset at Skinnarviksberget (highest point)


Packed up this morning and headed to the train station, stopping to spend our remaining Norwegian Kroners on trinkets and Freia Chocolate for a train snack. The five hour train ride went quickly and was surprisingly smooth.

When we arrived, we picked up Stockholm Passes and headed through the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan to our hostel on the riverfront in the middle of a marathon! There are beautiful views from our hostel window!

After charging phones a bit, we headed for the Swedish History Museum before it closed at 5 and hoped to visit the Nobel museum after that, but it closed early today.

Instead, we busted out our Rick Steve’s and followed his old town walk to give meaning to our ramblings through the quaint streets.


Rick deposited us on the south end of the island, so we headed into the trendy Sodermalm district to climb the highest point in the city before eating a delicious dinner of tuna and fisk och skaldjursgryta.

After that, we walked to the Fotografiska museum to see a cool horse exhibit and enjoy a drink with some great views of the amusement park we’ll visit tomorrow (giant swings!!!).

It’s almost 11pm here and we finally almost stayed awake long enough for it to get dark… But it’s still dusky out! Goodnight anyway .

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