Oslo Day Three

Oslo Itinerary:

6:30am Walk to Ferry/Buy Day Transport Passes

7:30am Ferry (B1/2/4) to Hovedoya from Pier 4

Wander Walking Paths (find map once there)

10:08am Ferry to Bleikoya (explore quaint residential island)

11:16am Ferry to Gressholmen (explore nature reserve)

12:20pm Take Ferry back to Pier 4

1:00pm Explore

2:00pm Food Tour

5:00pm Explore or rest


Today we focused on getting off the beaten path.

We spent the morning ferrying between the islands of Oslo (Hovedoya, Gressholmen, and Lindoya), all of which have dedicated nature preserves and delightful hiking with no cars allowed.

Hovedoya is exclusively dedicated to nature with no houses. Gressholmen had a few summer homes, but mostly nature, and Lindoya is a popular summer home location. Without maps, we just kind of found our way around the isolated and peaceful islands just minutes from the loud vibrant city.


We were very fortunate in our timing because as we got back on the ferry on Hovedoya, about 300 small children got off. We could actually hear them screaming all the way across the Fjord at Lindoya later!

After our “boat tour,” we joined a food tour that took us to a trendy “hipster” neighborhood for local artisanal treats like reindeer meatloaf, salmon, meatballs, waffles, cheeses, and beer! We are now stuffed and tired after our full day! Tomorrow we’re on to Stockholm!


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