Oslo Day One

Oslo Itinerary:

10:15am Arrive in Oslo

10:45am Take Express Train to Central Station/Get Oslo Passes at Visitor’s Center

11:15am Begin RS City Walk (Cathedral, City Hall, etc.) on way to drop bags at Airbnb Flat

12:00pm Take Tram #12 to Oslo City Museum (closes at 4pm)

1:00pm Frogner Park and Vigeland Sculpture Park

3:00pm Akershus Fortress and Oslo Opera House (only grounds open)

5:30pm Promenade Walking Tour (OP; meets seaside at City Hall)

7:30pm Dinner/Buy Groceries for Flat/Friday Picnic


After a late arrival to the city but with ample time to explore until sunset at 10pm, we set out to map the city with our feet and get our bearings.

First we headed to the visitor center to pick up Oslo Passes, so we could join a Promenade Walking Tour of the old city. About halfway through, our guide (who was quite good) kept talking about these places we should go but wouldn’t go on the tour, so we went rogue and decided to explore the peaceful, medieval Akershus Fortress on our own.


Next we headed to walk up the Opera House and get full views of the city.

After that, we were hungry, so we walked around for a very long time trying to find Norwegian cuisine but never settling on anything. When we got all the way to the flat without finding food, we opted to just go crazy at a supermarket. Yum! The only downside is we realized we took too long and couldn’t buy any adult beverages (they stop selling at 8pm). Cheers anyways my friends!

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