Thailand Day Five


On our last day in Bangkok, we spent the morning getting traditional Thai massages, packing up, and taking one last meandering walk along the canal to find a final authentic streetside lunch.

We also fit in a quick stop at Ancient City, a park just south of Bangkok dedicated to the preservation and replication of Thailand’s many regions and landmarks. It was fun to get a larger sense of the country since we didn’t get much chance to see Thailand outside of Bangkok.

We then stayed our final night at a cheap backpacker hotel near the airport, with a simple dinner on the balcony. Just a couple of flights left and it’ll be back to the work grind, so we’ll try to rest as much as possible on our journey!

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Free Time Spa/Check in For Flight Home/Print All Travel Documents/Lunch

1:30pm Ancient City Tour

4:00pm Stay at Hotel Near Airport for Early Flight

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