Thailand Day Five

Bangkok Itinerary:

Free Time Spa/Check in For Flight Home/Print All Travel Documents/Lunch

1:30pm Ancient City Tour

4:00pm Stay at Hotel Near Airport for Early Flight


On our last day in Bangkok, we spent the morning getting traditional Thai massages, packing up, and taking one last meandering walk along the canal to find a final authentic streetside lunch.


We also fit in a quick stop at Ancient City, a park just south of Bangkok dedicated to the preservation and replication of Thailand’s many regions and landmarks. It was fun to get a larger sense of the country since we didn’t get much chance to see Thailand outside of Bangkok.

We then stayed our final night at a cheap backpacker hotel near the airport, with a simple dinner on the balcony. Just a couple of flights left and it’ll be back to the work grind, so we’ll try to rest as much as possible on our journey!

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