Thailand Day Four

Bangkok and Samut Sakhon Itinerary (New Year’s Day):

6:30am City to Shore Bike Tour

5:30pm Return from Bike Tour/Clean Up

7:00pm Taxi to Ratchada Train Market/Dinner


Believe it or not, we rose with the sun this New Year’s Day morning to escape the city once again on a City to Shore Bicycle tour.

After getting fitted for bikes and helmets we rode through the nearly empty Bangkok streets, save for the local workers cleaning up the evidence of last night’s revelry. Then, we played tag with various forms of transportation, including a Chao Phraya ferry, the Maeklong train, and then another ferry to get to the Gulf of Thailand.

On the way, we stopped to sample local foods like taro puffs, birds nest soup, and longon fruit. Once at the Gulf, we rode along dirt roads with peaceful ocean and farm views, while learning a great deal about the local salt farming (see the picture of us “skiing” on “Thai snow”).

After about 30 miles of cycling, we were ready for a delicious lunch at the only restaurant in the region! I will say that we were definitely off the beaten path today… getting us a lot of attention as Westerners. However, apparently I’ve perfected the accent on the few phrases I’ve learned because more than one Thai tried to have a conversation with me!


After lunch… more riding, a different way around back to the ferry, the train, and the other ferry, sampling some palm fruit juice on the way.

We had some extra time, so our guide Tick showed us around Chinatown, where I perfected what I now call Bike Yoga, balancing the bike in full traffic on windy narrow streets! We took one last break for Chinese pudding before heading back to the bike shop and then the hotel, having biked around a total of 37 miles!

Phew! What a great way to begin the year… but now I think we may fall asleep…

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