Thailand Day Three

Bangkok and the River Kwai Itinerary (New Year’s Eve):

6:00am Bridge on River Kwai Tour  

5:00pm Return to Bangkok/Rest

8:00pm Eat a Nice Dinner OR Get Picnic Supplies!

10:00pm Set Up at Sanam Luang to Watch Fireworks and Festivities


Rose early for a sobering tour to see the “Bridge on the River Kwai,” ride on the Burma death railway, and remember the thousands of WWII POWs and tens of thousands of Thai and Malaysian workers who died from disease and starvation to create a railway that was ultimately scarcely used.

While the tour was sad, it did afford us an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok for the day and meet some fellow travelers from the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands, the three countries who lost the greatest numbers of POWs, most of whom are still buried or lost in Thailand and Burma.

It felt a bit odd to be a tourist of historic atrocities, but reading the certificate of thanks from the railway helped me understand why it’s important to remember the good, the bad, and the very very ugly….

We spent many hours on a bus today, but are still resting up for tonight’s festivities. Will post again tonight with Countdown Bangkok pictures…12 hours ahead of those of you celebrating at home! We considered an expensive fabulous party, but decided it would be just as nice to picnic at Sanam Luang where everyone goes to pray for the New Year instead!


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