Thailand Day One

Bangkok Itinerary: (continued from our Cambodia Trip)

7:30am Picked Up for Temple Tour

11:30am Lunch/Walk to Grand Palace

12:30pm Temple of Emerald Buddha/Grand Palace

2:30pm National Museum

4:30pm Walk to Khlong Boat from Phan Fa to Pratunam

5:30pm See Sunset at Baiyoke Sky Hotel Observation Point

6:30pm Explore Pratunam Market

7:15pm Walk to Erawan Shrine

7:45pm Walk to Chit Lom BTS Station for Evening Food Tour


We ate breakfast in the hotel while waiting for a guide to pick us up for a temple tour of The Golden Buddha, the Reclining Buddha, and the Marble temples. It was interesting to learn more about the complicated beliefs and history of Thai Buddhists.


After the tour, we ate lunch and headed over to the “royally” packed Grand Palace! Reuben had to rent long pants, which he totally rocked. The palace complex is considered a must see because of the intricate building decorations and the Emerald Buddha Temple.


The heat and crowds at the palace required ice cream followed by a quick nap at our hotel before we caught a canal taxi, or Khlong boat, to center city to explore and meet up with a tuk tuk food tour.

At this point, we’re pretty much food tour aficionados, so anticipated giving a bad review after a rough start (i.e. realizing they had booked 16 people for this tour, which was problematic through the evening as it is just too many people to sit and keep up with and the delay for food at the first stop. We didn’t sit down or eat until after an hour past when the tour started!). However, all was forgiven by three delicious meals, night views of Wat Arun and Wat Pho from a “secret spot” rooftop bar on the river, and good company of our fellow tasters!

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