Cambodia Day Three

Siem Reap Itinerary:

6:00am Arrive in Siem Reap via Night Bus

6:30am Drop Luggage at Angkor Hotel

7:00am Explore/Eat Breakfast

8:30am Angkor National Museum

10:00am Massage/Pedicure

11:30am Lunch

12:30pm Get Picked Up at Hotel for 4×4 Tour

3:30pm Return to Hotel/Freshen Up

5:00pm Cocktail and Spice Class 

6:30pm Dinner and Explore


We jolted awake with a five minute arrival warning on our overnight bus into Siem Reap where we quickly gathered our belongings and caught a tuk tuk to our hotel to store luggage and grab breakfast (since it was too early to check in).

Once caffeinated, we walked from our just outside of downtown hotel to the tourist area to check out our surroundings while we waited for the rest of the world to wake up.


Once the town awoke, we visited the Angkor National Museum. The museum covers the history of Cambodia with a particular focus on the local Angkor temples that we will explore tomorrow, so this was a great historical precursor! No photos allowed!

After a couple of museum hours, we were ready to relax, so we found a local massage parlor to get some much needed pedicures (Reuben’s first!).

Next, our pretty feet returned to the hotel to meet with an ATV tour guide, who led us around the nearby countryside on 4-wheelers, where we saw rice fields, farmers, water buffalo, and local villagers – including a 7 year old with whom we played the local lottery (we lost, of course!).

Tired and very dirty, we returned to our hotel for MUCH needed showers in time to meet another couple for a Khmer Spice Cocktail class. It was fun to meet new people and make delicious drinks with ginger, mint, lime, lemongrass, pepper, etc!

After drinking, we needed something to soak up the happy water, so stopped for some Cambodian food on Pub Street before turning in for the night in preparation for tomorrow’s sunrise bike tour of Angkor! Amazing pictures sure to come tomorrow!!

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