Vietnam Day Three

Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho Itinerary:

6:30am Check Out/Breakfast

7:30am Picked Up at Hotel for Mekong Cruise to Phnom Penh


We checked out of our Saigon hotel this morning after a final breakfast and got picked up for a three day trip along the Mekong with an exit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Today was a whirlwind! Here goes…

We rode a while in the bus to My Tho, where we stopped to sample local music and royal jelly before taking Sampan boats to a local coconut candy factory, where we bought some candy to bring home and some coconut whiskey to drink!

Next, we got on another boat along the Mekong to have lunch on Tortoise Island. We met some very interesting Germans on a world tour!


After lunch, we stopped in to visit the Vinh Trang Pagoda, before another long-ish bus ride to Can Tho to meet another boat to take us to a home stay for the night.

Others in our group chose a hotel, but we thought it would be better to experience a more authentic Mekong evening. Unfortunately, our boat to the home stay was broken, so we sat in the dark floating for about half an hour to get a tow.

Once we finally arrived, we dropped our belongings in our huts and headed to help prepare a delicious meal for dinner.


No air conditioning, but we’ve got WiFi and mosquito nets! Also, we’ve have had some great company so far, with many from New Zealand, Canada, and Germany to chat with. We are really loving this tour so far!

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