Vietnam Day Two

Ho Chi Minh City and Cu Chi Tunnels Day Two Itinerary:

7:00am Breakfast

8:00am Pick Up for Motorbike Tour to Cu Chi Tunnels

5:00pm View Sunset from Saigon Sky Deck 

6:30pm Dinner


Another early morning egg roll breakfast to ready ourselves for a long day of motorbiking… Yes, on our own bikes in this insane chaotic city of 6 million motorbikes! Our guide picked us up by taxi first to take us to the rental place and got us fitted up. He tried to convince me to wear arm and leg padding, but everyone started to laugh at me so I figured it was safer not to cause the distraction on the road to the Cu Chi tunnels 45 km north of town.

Though challenging, there’s nothing like the dusty experience of whizzing down streets packed with cars and bikes, smelling of food, gasoline, and…garbage. We stopped midway to Cu Chi for coconut milk, hammock lounging, and the “country restroom” where I made a little friend!

Regarding Cu Chi… This tourist attraction features the tunnels dug by the Viet Cong to hide them during various wars, most particularly the “American War.” Our research had already prepared us to feel awkward due to the propagandist nature of the site, so we were ready to just take it in stride. Very interesting, but difficult to consider enjoyable, though others seemed to delight in shooting M-16s and pretending to pop out of the ground like VC soldiers.

Regardless, we learned a little about making rice paper and wine, and ate some delicious tapioca dipped in peanuts before we hopped back on our scooters and headed back to town. On the way, we stopped for Pho, though we find it impossible to understand eating something so hot and spicy when it is so hot and humid outside!

Once back in the city limits, I got a bit of a scare, so asked the back up tour guide to take my bike and I rode pillion while she raced through traffic like a pro (so she could get to her other job as a coffee barista in time)!

We said goodbye at the coffee shop and headed for the Sky Bar in the tallest building in Saigon for a drink with views! Now, we’re resting with the soft sounds of traffic outside our window considering dinner plans… Or maybe just sleeping…

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