Spain Day Eight

Avila and Segovia Itinerary:

One-Day Tour to Avila and Segovia


Today, our last day, we again exited the city to explore historic sites – only this time on a group tour in a coach bus. It was very pleasant to relax and be guided around the cities’ monuments with good English explanations, letting someone else do the work!

In Avila, we visited the City Walls, the Basilica of San Vicente, the Convent of St. Teresa, and the Cathedral. In Segovia, we visited the Roman Aqueduct, the Cathedral, and the Alcazar.


In both cities, we sampled their local desserts – yema in Avila (egg yolks with sugar) and ponche in Segovia (a very delicious marzipan, ginger bread, s’more combo).

We were on our own for lunch in Segovia, so wandered the winding streets and found a delightful place for sandwiches and a bit of a respite from the cold.

Then we napped on the hour long, mountain view bus ride back to Madrid to spend our last night (and euros) before heading back state side early tomorrow. 

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