Spain Day Seven

Toledo Itinerary:

8:30am Buy Toledo Cards at Atocha Train Station

9:20am Train from Atocha to Toledo

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7:00pm Train back to Madrid


We took a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city today and ventured south by high speed train to Toledo, a glorious medieval city on a hill renowned for religious tolerance, inventing marzapan, and artists such as El Greco and Cervantes. Our entire visit was made easy and possible with the Toledo Pass, which also includes transportation!

To begin our tour of the city, we caught a cute little train that takes you around the perimeter of the town with narrative.

Next we visited a quick modern art exhibit (something by accident) before heading to the Catedral Primada.


Then we stopped in a couple of hard to find churches as we learned to navigate the winding lanes before taking a guided tour of the Sinagoga de Santa Maria and the Monestary de Juan Del Reyes.


After our tour, we decided to get lost in the streets a little and find a place to eat near the Iglesia de Ildefonso, which has the greatest view in all the city from the tower.

After our meal, we took the newly installed outdoor escalators down the hill to meet a 5:30 tour of the city walls and gates. We (and 80 others) got exclusive access to a locked area to climb through tiny stone passages as the sun set.

We departed the city on foot to the train station as an orange sky hung over Toledo… Tomorrow we visit Avila and Segovia before returning home on Sunday!

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