Spain Day Five

Madrid Itinerary (New Year’s Eve):

8:00am Museo de Ferrocarril

9:30am Vicente Calderon Stadium

11:00am Wax Museum/Lunch

2:30pm Royal Botanical Garden

4:30pm Early Paella Dinner/Rest Up for NYE

8:00pm New Year’s Eve Plans: Eating of the Grapes and Drink Cava at Puerta del Sol


It’s New Year’s Eve, so we tried to fit in all the Madrid Card activities still open today and were pretty successful!

We began with a walk to the Museo de Ferrocarril (train museum) which Reuben’s dad really loved… (especially the toy trains and getting coffee in the coach restaurant).


From there, we headed south to walk along the recently developed river path to the Vicente Calderon Stadium to see their museum of soccer history.

Next, we caught the subway north to the Museo de Cera (wax museum). The wax museum was cheesy, especially the Train of Terror, but a very fun time!


We ate a quick nibble on benches while walking down the Paseo de Recoletos on our way to the Royal Botanical Gardens, which were delightful even in winter.


We then decided this was the day for a big paella meal, so we found this AWESOME place called Rincone de Huertas, whose owner is now famous for protecting protesters in his restaurant in 2012 (we know because he showed us ALL the YouTube videos… Lol).

After making “rice babies” from all the eating, we ambled back to the flat for a siesta before the NYE countdown, stopping only to purchase grapes for the local tradition.

In Spain, one drinks Cava and eats one grape for every strike of the clock at midnight for good luck. Happy early new year!

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