Spain Day One

Tangier to Madrid Itinerary: (continued from Morocco Trip)

7:30am Arrive in Tangier/Eat Breakfast/Explore/Locate Ferry

10:30am Tangier Ferry Across the Strait of Gibraltar

12:30pm Arrive in Tarifa/Customs

1:30pm Free Bus to Algeciras

2:00pm Explore Algeciras/Eat Lunch/Buy Snacks for Train

3:00pm Train to Madrid

8:30pm Arrive at Atocha Station

9:00pm Check into AC Hotel Carlton Madrid


After an evening’s slumber in a bumpy sleeper train, we arrived in Tangier to catch our ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tarifa, Spain.

We had a couple of hours to kill, so we explored the city a little and stopped to have coffee.

The ferry over was a delight because how often do you get to go from one continent to another in 35 minutes?


From Tarifa, we got a shuttle to Algeciras, where we ate lunch before catching the train to Madrid. The ride was pretty and went quickly while we read our Madrid guide book and watched movies.

Once in Madrid, our hotel was just a few blocks from the train station, so we were able to quickly check in and greet Reuben’s parents!


After catching up a little (and eating dates and roasted chestnuts in the room), we went out for late night tapas and cervezas down the street from our hotel. Now laying in our cozy beds in a fancy hotel watching American movies dubbed in Spanish…. Buenas noches!

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