Morocco Day Six

Imlil Itinerary:

Day       3 Day/2Night Sahara and Atlas Mountain Trek

6:00pm Return from 3 Day/2Night Sahara and Atlas Mountain Trek

7:00pm Dinner

9:00pm Overnight Sleeper Train to Tangier

(The journey continues on Spain Day One…)


Enjoyed a quiet breakfast in our riad in anticipation of our sure to be glorious day of hiking. We said goodbye to Rasheed and welcomed our new guide, Mohammed, who spent the day walking us around the mountains from village to village.


So many beautiful pictures today… And such friendly people… Hard at work but always stopping to greet one another… The little children running out to welcome visitors with a shy “bonjour.” Amazingly they still live in true communities, helping one another when needed and side by side with the animals who work with them… Mules, goats, sheep, chickens… All free to roam as they please.

We returned to the Riad for an enormous lunch (so big we saved the tagine for dinner on our overnight train to Tangier tonight) before heading out for another trek to other nearby villages. What a lovely piece of paradise!


Back in Marrakech now waiting for our train in a coffee shop. Tomorrow we will cross the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry and catch a train into Madrid to meet up with Reuben’s parents for a whole new vacation!

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