Morocco Day Two

Marrakech Itinerary:

8:30am Marrakech Palaces and Monuments Tour  

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Hamman

6:00pm Food and Market Tour with Dinner


After little sleep, we woke early in time to grab some delicious orange juice before meeting a group for a tour of Marrakech monuments (including Kourtobia Mosque, Saardian Tombs, Bahia Palace, and Maison Tiskiwin).



We returned to our riad after the tour for spa appointments in the riad hammam. This was an experience neither of us was prepared for! Let’s just say it is a must do, but be prepared for boundary invasion. All in all, once we relaxed, we enjoyed it enormously and felt quite refreshed the rest of the day.

After our intense spa, we ate a late lunch and set out to visit the Musee de Marrakech, but discovered it was closed for the last day of the leather market… which still confuses us.


So we wandered until it was time to meet up with a food tour on which were pleased to discover we were the only guests so could ask all the questions we wanted. Our guide walked us far and wide to sample fried bread, spices, pastries, olives, soup, tagira, lamb, and 35 spice tea… learning way more than we can convey in this post. Bottom line: yum – so full!! 


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