London Day One

London Day One Itinerary:

Arrive in London/Transit to Hyde Park Suites

5:00pm London Literary Pub Crawl

8:00pm Dinner and Wandering


Apologies: we neglected to take many pictures on our first day!

After arriving, figuring out the tube, and checking into our Hyde Park hotel, we walked along the Thames winter festival with some mulled wine. The city is all decked out for the holidays!

Next we traveled to Soho for a London literary pub tour…only to discover all the other parties had canceled. So we ended up with a personal three hour tour/performance given by Charles Dickens and Virginia Wolff. The two ladies never broke character once! Furthermore, they didn’t go into the pubs with us…just waited outside in the cold rain watching us through the window. The official word is awes-kward. However, great day on the whole!

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